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Candlestick Park will end its 54 year career in all likelihood on Monday Night Football this week - A Streak of a Champions (Ted Robinson voice)

While many Bay Area Die Hards have been attending Giants games from Candlestick Point since 1960 the 49ers did not move over from Kezar Stadium until 1971.

I was born in 1980. In only my second full season as a Niner Die Hard - I experienced THE CATCH, and a Super Bowl Victory, admittedly my memory of this is still foggy (SF pun).  Furthermore as an impressionable child I enjoyed 4 Super Bowls in my 10 years alive, a true Dynasty.  It was not all gravy, in 1990 I KNEW football, all the players, what the penalty was, how to yell at a referee for a bad call but I knew the 49ers did not lose. In an epic NFC Championship game in 1990 - the 49ers lost their chance to Three-peat to the NY Giants - I cried. You can relive the agony of defeat HERE - Its our history, time to embrace it.

Many DIEHARD fans have come and gone from Candlestick Park and enjoyed thrilling victories here Here HERE  

From its baseball roots to Beatles final concert here Candlestick has stood the test of time and will forever be in our memories - no more vivid than the 1989 World Series against our East Bay neighbors and the Loma Prieta Earthquake 




Our I SURVIVED THE STICK shirt has been our best selling item of all time - and DIE HARD fans have one more time to show it off.  We will be giving away a $100 Gift Card to our online shop for one randomly chosen fan. For a chance to win post a picture in your I SURVIVED THE STICK shirt to Instagram(must be public account) Twitter or Facebook - tag @DIEHARDCO and #ISURVIVEDTHESTICK - Winner chosen randomly Tuesday after the game!


Enjoy the Stick one last time, as the lights go out.


Adam Mayberry

Die Hard Co.



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